Job Description

JOB TITLE: Care Assistant

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Registered Manager


1. To support/assist in the daily care of Clients, helping with dressing/undressing, washing, bathing and personal hygiene where necessary.

2. To support/assist Clients with problems of mobility and other physical disabilities (e.g. incontinence); helping with the use of disability aids and caring for and monitoring the same, where and when appropriate.

3. To support/assist Clients with the organisation of social activities and to participate with them if requested to do so, to help promote Clients self esteem and physical and mental well being. To accompany Clients on community visits where required, and as the duty rotas permit.

4. To accompany Clients on shopping trips and to appointments as and when required. 

5. To support/assist Clients in the preparation and cooking of food; assisting Clients with eating and drinking as required. 

6. To support/assist Clients in clearing up after meals, ensuring all dirty cutlery, crockery and utensils are washed up and returned to the relevant places in the kitchen.

7. To support/assist Clients to make and change beds, to carry out all domestic chores including emptying commodes as may be required.

8. To launder and iron all Clients dirty clothing. To inspect and mend/darn clothing where practical.

9. To monitor Clients conditions, and report any changes to the Registered Manager immediately.

10. To help maintain a safe and healthy environment in the Clients home with due regard to the appropriate Food  Hygiene and Health & Safety Regulations. To report all accidents to the Registered Manager and record them in the Accident Book.

11. To read and write reports comprehensively, and participate in Staff and Client meetings.
12. To participate in training activities/courses, as directed by the Registered Manager.

13. To assist with End-of-Life Care for Clients who are terminally ill, as necessary.

14. To prepare Clients for bed, as required.

15. To carry out regular monitoring on Clients throughout the night, according to intervals set by the Registered Manager if required, and with due regard to the Client’s individual wishes. 

16. To answer promptly all alarm calls, assessing each situation, and dealing with any Client who is seeking help. In cases of emergency to call the Emergency GP and/or summon the Emergency services. The Registered Manager must also be informed immediately.

17. To carry out regular monitoring on the home, with particular reference to fire prevention and external security (all windows and external doors secured etc).

18. To awaken the Client in the morning at their requested time, as appropriate. To support/assist Client to rise, wash and dress, and support/assist with personal care as required 

19. To undertake any additional duties, as necessary, as directed by the Registered Manager
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