Happy October!

Hello everyone, we hope you have had another fantastic month as we are getting closer and closer, to Halloween!

This month we celebrated Homecare Day which celebrates all those up and down the country who work in Homecare and Care homes! Due to this, we wanted to share our thoughts, opinions and review of a recent UK Programme that has aired called “Help”.

This programme shows the difficulties and a snippet of what it was like to work at the beginning and during the Pandemic. The programme stars Jodie Comer as character Sarah who starts working in a Care Home in Liverpool. She meets her patient/client called Tony, played by Stephen Graham, and begins her care journey.

Although the storyline wasn’t extremely factual as Sarah eventually runs away with Tony to a caravan to isolate, the struggle and worry that Sarah experiences is something that I’m sure, does resonate with all Health and Social Care Workers. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was no knowledge really of what to expect, or how to deal with the situation. In one scene, you can see that the carers do walk around unmasked, and without PPE as they were advised only to do this around the infected. However, as we all know, this is and was not the case.

The harrowing scenes of clients/patients becoming unwell and ultimately losing their lives because of this Virus, is something all of us have had to face not only within Adult Health and Social care, but also up and down the country. You can see the frustration and upset that the carers feel during this due to feeling left out and let down. Homecare companies, and Care Homes were only supplied with 10% of the estimated amount of PPE that is usually required- not considering that this would now exceed due to changing gloves more so now after every task. The NHS received 80% of this, with the rest going to the public.

One thing I was impressed with is the showing of safe practise that would be used day to day, for example: When Sarah removes her gloves, she pinches the palm of her one glove and wiggles her hand out, puts the removed glove into the other hand- she puts two fingers down her wrist into the second glove and removes this. You can see that the directors and producers had spent a lot of time researching what carers do daily, and this shows throughout the programme. Even down to the look of exhaustion Sarah goes home with after a long 20-hour shift. 

Being an Adult Health and Social Care Worker is one of the greatest and most rewarding jobs in the world, but also can be tough and tiring- this is without a global pandemic being put into the the mix.

We, at Affinity Homecare, would personally like to say a massive Thank You to every single Health and Social Care Worker, up and down the country, and all around the world who continued to perform safe practise, and go on with their jobs professionally and calmly day to day.

We were right there with you. We saw your struggles, we stand with you, but we also saw how strong and amazing you all are. Your actions did not go unnoticed.

If you would like to watch the programme, this is still currently available on Channel 4 On Demand (as of 1st October 2021)


We also would like to present the newest carers to the Affinity Team, Jessica & Robin! Congratulations to you both!

And welcome to Affinity Homecare Shrewsbury!

Now! Its time to announce our Carer’s of The Month for September!


And lastly, WE ARE PUTTING ON AN EVENT! Melissa and Abbie have put their heads together and created the AFFINITY HOMECARE’S CAREER CAROUSEL. This is a FREE event! Where you can come into the office, meet Melissa our Registered Manager, Abbie our Recruitment and Social Media Officer, one of our amazing carers – and put them on the hot seat! 

Ask questions, gain knowledge, and find out all about our current positions available at Affinity Homecare. There will be refreshments, and time to get to know everything you want to know. This event is available to join for anyone looking for a new job and is on Facebook to join. If you would like to find out more information about the event, please email abbie@affinityhomecareshrewsbury.co.uk

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Take Care, Stay Safe and we will see you at the end of October! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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