To Affinity And Beyond!

To Affinity and Beyond!


Hello everyone, It's been a while! We hope you have all been keeping happy and well. 


With the Vaccinations being rolled out, life is slowly but surely, getting back to normal. With all of this, our care is still being performed to the highest standard as usual! We can confirm we are currently over 85% vaccinated through the team; weekly testing is encouraged to both Carers and Office Staff and monitored to protect everyone. 


On a more positive note;

We would like to introduce you to our brand new Recruitment and Social Media Officer, Abbie.

Abbie has a history of working in all care sectors, prides herself on my knowledge and passion for the role. 

She is so excited for you all to see my fun ideas for both Clients and Carers- and to come on her journey within Affinity Homecare. 

One of the things Abbie has already put in place is the “Clients Corner” section on our Facebook and Instagram pages. This is where clients can, and have been sending in, pictures of what they have been getting up to within their calls. 

Here’s a little sneak peek of what our Clients and Carers have been doing the past couple of weeks.