Shrewsbury homecare company raises £2,300 for Macmillan over three months

It began in July when Kat and Davey, two of Affinity’s carers Braved the Shave and raised just over £700 between them. Registered Manager, Melissa Morgan, had the task of shaving their hair. The shave was streamed live on Facebook and began with Melissa issuing a disclaimer that she had never cut anyone’s hair before; despite this it all went very smoothly. Kat and Davey’s hair is growing back nicely now. In September, Affinity members of staff took part in the Macmillan Coracle World Championships. The team included Carers, Senior Carers and the company owner all dressed in the company uniform. All of the team battled courageously, even though none of them had ever been in a coracle before, and although they didn’t win the event everyone was incredibly proud to have taken part in such an amazing event and to have raised over £1,400.

The Affinity Coracle World Championships Team: Karen, Julien, Paul and Dawn And finally, in October, Affinity held a Macmillan Coffee Morning at their office in Bicton Heath. They welcomed carers and clients with tea and an amazing array of cakes, mostly homemade although a few cheated and went to M&S. As a lot of the clients were unable to get to the office, Affinity set up a mobile cake delivery service where, for a small donation to charity, carers delivered cakes to the clients in specially made cake boxes. £165 was raised at the Coffee Morning. Affinity held a Macmillan Coffee Morning at their office in Bicton Heath and also delivered to clients at their homes This week, a celebration took place at the office where Affinity presented Kate Thomas from Macmillan with the money they had raised. In the spirit of the coffee morning, tea and lemon drizzle cake was enjoyed by all. Participants from all three events came along to meet Kate to discuss all of the amazing work that they have done.

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