Our team of carers are handpicked for their expertise, experience, and most importantly, their compassion.

We understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences, which is why we take the time to match each client with a carer who can provide personalised care and support.

We believe in empowering our carers to foster meaningful relationships with our clients, built on trust, respect, and empathy. We are registered to deliver care services for vulnerable adults over 18, ensuring they can continue living in the comfort and happiness of their own homes. Discover how we can support you or your loved ones on their journey to aging gracefully at home.

Whether you or your loved one requires short-term respite care, ongoing support, or assistance with transitioning back home after a hospital stay, we are here to provide compassionate care tailored to your individual needs.

Discover the difference that personalized home care can make in your life or the life of someone you care about. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you thrive in the place you call home.

Care at Home

Care at home services

Our carers are carefully selected and we specialise in non-medical care and the support of older people in their own homes, ensuring freedom to stay at home where happiness and comfort prevails.

Live in care services

Live-in Care Services

Live-in Care Workers work with clients on a 24-hour basis to provide care and support as detailed in the care plan for each client based upon their individual needs. 

Personal Care

Personal Care & Health

  • Assisting with personal care, which includes dressing, washing, showering and bathing.
  • Assisting with continence care, continence pads, catheter, convenes, stoma care and compression stockings.
  • Monitor and maintain nutrition and hydration needs and preparing/serving meals of choice (to meet nutritional needs).
  • Administering medication, which includes applying creams, patches and eye/ear/nose drops.
  • Support with skin integrity, prevention of pressure sores, applying creams and liaising with district nurses.

House hold tasks

Household Tasks & Organisation

  • Assisting with light household duties, which includes, but is not limited to, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors and taking the rubbish/recycling out.
  • Ordering and collecting prescriptions from the GP and pharmacy.
  • Supporting with appointments; this includes, but is not limited to, hospital, GP, dental, and social worker.
  • Assisting with small cash transactions.
  • Support with pet care.


Mobility & Independence

  • Support with shopping trips and appointment/event attendance, such as, but not limited to, social and religious events, hobbies and interests, and community groups.
  • Working with other agencies to provide a person-centred approach to care, including GP’s, social workers, occupational therapists, district nurses, equipment stores, family/friends and advocates.

Safety and Support

Safety & Support

  • Checking that equipment such as hoists, stairlifts and electric stand aids are within service dates.
  • Ensuring all equipment is fit for purpose.
  • Support with and checking pendant/falls alarms are in good working order.
  • Safety and Welfare Check.

Specialist Care

Specialist Services

  • Virtual Care
  • Dementia/Alzheimer Care
  • Reablement/Rehabilitation Care
  • Physical Disabilities
  • End of Life Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Provide Respite Care
  • Support during the night
  • Diabetes Care
  • Companionship


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A member of the team will be happy to discuss the specific needs and requirements of you or your loved one.

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